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2010 Guimbal Cabri G2

$445,000 +GST


$445,000 + GST (if applicable) fly away

The aircraft was originally operated in Denmark for Flight Training and as of April 2022 the aircraft will be located in Christchurch NZ. New Lycoming 0-360 Engine only 100hrs old! (2100hrs until overhaul)

SN: 1016 TTSN: 1667hrs

Avionics / Equipment:

  • Garmin SL30 Radio

  • Artificial Horizon

  • Direction Indicator

  • Turn & Slip Indicator

  • Trig Transponder

  • GPS

  • Flymap

  • Dual controls

Additional Avionics & equipment available at additional costs.

The Cabri G2 has no 12 yearly overhauls and 95% of the components are on condition reducing the operating cost significantly.

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