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Pulsar NSP 11-1280-C-24

SKU: 11-1280-C-24



  • An all -LED Navigation (NAV), Anti-collision strobe (ACS) with a rear white Position (POS) light that are nightime compliant because they meet or exceed the FAA/TSO requirements, (C-30c Type I, II, III and C96a Class II) with 400 effective candle power in the ACS

  • The Nav/Pos can operate independently from the ACS

  • The Pulsar NSP include two single, self-contained units that do not require a power supply and also include two flush mounts that use the same three position holes that legacy lighting uses


  • TSO C-30css II

  • TypeI, II, III and TSO C96a Cla


  • L = 4.0

  • W = 1.9

  • H = 1.5


  • Total = 52.0

  • ACS = 30.0

  • NAV = 22.0

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